Nano CBD Water Tincture | 1000MG

Nano CBD Water Tincture | 1000MG

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This is our water-based NANO CBD, by shrinking the CBD particle down 400% we make it small enough to fit amongst water molecules, making it 4-7x more bioavailable than CBD Oil. Our customers love NANO because of its versatility and efficiency. Drop into your morning coffee, shake, or pre/post-workout drink for quick relief of muscle stiffness, soreness, and other body ailments. Interested in micro-dosing? Dilute the product into your water bottle for a convenient and discreet dose throughout the day.


Nano Water


1000MG Hemp Derived Cannabidiol (CBD)  |  Purified Water  |   Terpenes


Take 1 serving (1ml) dropper daily.  Increase as needed to achieve your desired result.  First shake bottle, then fill dropper to desired ML.  After that drop oil under tongue and hold for 15-20 seconds.  Then swallow.  Activation time - approximately 30 minutes.